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Here are some common questions about NepaliLami.


How can I sign up in Nepali Lami?

Sign up with your Email, Facebook, Google or Apple id.

How can I verify my account?

After you sign up and create an account you can request the administrator for verification. The verification process takes 12 to 24 hrs, once you’re verified you will get an email and app notification confirming it.

Do my previous web credentials work?

Yes, you can sign in using the same email and password. Contact us at [email protected] in case of any difficulties.

What is premium light?

Premium light will give you access to

  • Chat with 2 users at a time.
  • Able to request view of private profile pictures.
  • Priority customer service.
What is premium plus?

Premium plus will give you access to

  • Chat with unlimited users.
  • Able to request contact information (phone number and email)
  • Able to request view of private profile pictures.
  • Full name accessible for all users.
  • Priority customer service.
  • Viewed on top of daily recommendations for other users.
How can I chat in Nepali lami?

If you’re a premium user, you can send a chat request for the other person to approve.

If you are a verified user, you can’t send chat requests but if another person sends you a chat request, you can approve it to chat.

How do I hide my profile picture?

The option to hide profile pictures is in the profile edit section. Only people who you give access to will be able to see your profile picture. Note that the profile picture request feature is available only for premium users.

Are accounts on Nepali lami fake?

No, we manually verify each profile before approving them so there is no chance to be fake.

How can I see the profile picture of other users?

By sending a request you can ask the other users to approve the viewing of their profile picture.

What is a match?

When you favourite someone and other users favourite you back. Then, we make you a match. Once you are matched you are able to see the profile photos of the user.

How do I get more matches?

By becoming a premium plus user, you will be recommended to others more which overall increases your chance to match.

Want a free consultation for our personalized service?

We are currently offering free consultations (first call only) for our personalized service. This is a beta service and we only open limited slots at a time, so please act fast!

During your consultation, one of our experienced matchmakers will discuss your needs and preferences and help you create a personalized matchmaking plan. We will also answer any questions you have about our service.

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